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Living Histo​ry Workshops​​

Live  Zoom Workshops!

Online Viking workshop streamed online for ks1 ks2
Online Virtual workshop for kids history topic stone age workshop
Stone Age zoom workshop for school history topic Romans
Anglo Saxon Virtual Workshop for schools History Topic

We've had loads of fun recently running LIVE zoom workshops for schools.  

Zoom workshops last for up to an hour and can be tailored to suit your topic.  

We currently cover:  

Stone Age to Iron Age

The Ancient Egyptians

The Ancient Greeks

The Romans

The Vikings

 The Anglo Saxons.

For more information please CLICK HERE to contact us.

If live and zoom don't appeal to you, how about trying one of our Classroom Activity Packs - each accompanied by a unique recorded video.

From Latin Lessons on real wax tablets, to  Parthenon Frieze Engraving and Axe Making - we've transformed some of the best bits of our school workshops into classroom activity packs.  Fun, educational, re-usable and restockable - everything you need to give your children an engaging taste of your  history topic.

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