Living Histo​ry Workshops​​

Roman Workshop Pack

Everything you need to recreate a carousel of

Roman-era activities in your classroom. 

Designed to cater for a class of 30 children with one teacher, the

Roman Workshop Pack includes 5 carousel activities, each with easy-to-follow instructions for children. 

Consists of:

Latin Lesson - 6 x Wax tablets & 6 x wooden stylii

Gladiator Game - card game to recreate a Gladiator Spectacle

Numismatist Challenge: sort the real Roman coins from the fakes

Roman Curses - invoke the power of the Gods

3 x Roman Ludus board games  

Each pack comes with a Carousel Lesson Plan, teacher notes and suggested follow-on activities for each activity.

A great resource which enables your class to experience life in the Roman era - just add costumes and children!

Price per pack = £148 plus P&P

P&P option 1: £19.28 (Parcelforce, 2 day delivery, signed for & with up to £300 insurance)

P&P option 2: £7.07 (DPD, 2 day delivery, signed for & with up to £20 insurance).  

Please contact us for details.


1. Are the coins metal?

Yes, all of the coins are metal. The kit includes genuine Roman coins plus metal reproductions (differences are clearly marked in the instructions!)

2. Are replacement metal strips available for the curses?

Yes, we can supply replacement metal or direct you to our supplier.

3. Are the wax tablets reusuable?

Yes! Simply pop them under a warm grill until the wax melts and the work disappears. I do these weekly in batches of 60 and to do that many takes around 20 minutes. I'm still re-using the ones that I made 8 years ago for our very first Roman workshops, so they should last you quite a long time!

4. How long will it take to receive my order?

Nearly all of the items are made to order, by us in our (very small) office. We aim to complete and post your order 10 days from confirmation and receipt of payment - delivery times will be clarified by email before payment.