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Living Histo​ry Workshops​​

History Topic Carousel Packs - Curriculum Themed Activities for Classroom Topics

Roman Wax Tablets, Roman Games, Roman Coins, Gladiator School, Roman Curses Carousel Pack

Everything you need to recreate a carousel of

historical activities in your classroom. 

Designed to cater for a class of 30 children.

Each Carousel Pack includes 5 activities, lesson plans, childrens' instructions plus follow-up activity suggestions, plus a 20 minute introductory video from the presenters of Living History Workshops.  

The Roman Workshop Carousel Pack includes:
  • Latin Lesson - 6 x Wax tablets & 6 x wooden stylii
  • Gladiator Game - card game to recreate a Gladiator Spectacle plus weapons!
  • Numismatist Challenge: sort the real Roman coins from the fakes
  • Roman Curses - invoke the power of the Gods
  • 3 x Roman Rota board games  
  • Fun & informative instruction video for the whole class to watch
  • Carousel Lesson Plan for teacher
  • Clear instructions for each activity (for the students)
  • Teacher Notes
  • Follow-on activites 
  • *Reusable   *Plastic FREE!   *Educational  *Fun!   *All natural materials   *Recylable - ZERO landfill.

Price per pack:  £248 plus p&p.

Ancient Egyptian, Viking & Anglo Saxon & Stone Age carousel packs also available - POA.

Please contact us for details.

Each pack replicates the carousel of activities that we run as part of a normal Living History Workshop - in most cases the equipment is identical to the items that we would bring to your school.  The main difference is that teachers are now able to run these activities without us being present, giving them the freedom to plan their own topic workshops or 'WOW' activies and itineraries.

Once the carousel pack has been purchased it can be used again and again, with relatively little need to re-stock materials.  We can supply any items that do need re-stocking, or provide links so that you can go direct to our suppliers.

 These packs are made to order - we aim for a maximum of 14 days turnaround and will contact you if we envisage any problems.

Ancient Egyptian Carousel Pack for Schools Egyptian Topic