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Living Histo​ry Workshops​​

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Stone Age Resources Activities for schools Primary KS1 KS2

1) Stone Age Carousel Pack

2)  Stone Age Pottery Activity Pack

3)  Stone Age Chalk Carving Activity Pack

4)    Leather Medicine Pouch Activity Pack

Ancient Egyptian Resources for Schools History Activities ks1 ks2

1)  Ancient Egyptian Carousel Pack

2)  Basket Making Activity Pack

3)  Shabti Carving Activity Pack

4)  Pewter Cartouche Activity Pack

Roman Craft Activities for Schools Ks1 ks2 Primary history resources

1) Roman Carousel Pack

2) Latin Lesson, Wax Tablet Activity Pack

3) Pewter Amulet  Activity Pack

4)  Ancient Games Activity Pack

Thanks for organising all the resources - they were super!  Our day went really well - everyone loved making amulets and the children in school loved the games sets. Some of the children at home made their own sets and we had photos of them playing knucklebones and weaving (one child spent a long time weaving but said she enjoyed it so much that she is going to carry on at the weekend!) 

Becky Dawe, Hawkinge Primary School

Packs are designed to cater for groups of 30 children.  All packs are made from natural materials and are plastic FREE:  reusable, recylable and restockable.   Extra items available on request.

1)  Pewter Amulet Activity Pack

2)  Ancient Games Activity Pack

3)  Spinning & Weaving Activity Pack

4)  Leather Bracelet Activity Pack

1)  Pewter Amulet Activity pack

2)  Ancient Games Activity pack

3)  Spinning & Weaving Activity Pack

4)  Quill & Parchment Activity Pack

1)  Parthenon Frieze Carving Activity Pack

2)  Drop Spindles Activity Pack

Living History 'How To..' 

A series of 'How To' videos, suitable for ages 5 to adult.

Short, easy to follow and informative.

How to:

'Build your own Roman Army'

How to:

'Create a Coil Pot'

Find out more!

Links to some of our favourite educational and informative sites.

Beaker Folk

Bronze Age Pottery

Great for ancient pottery kilns & firing techniques!

Bill Crumbleholme has spent years 

 researching all aspects of the Beaker culture, particularly the pottery. On his website he shares his knowledge and ideas with other people and also learn from them, working with archaeologists by conducting experiments into ancient pottery techniques.  

Learn More


Homework Help

Brilliant resource for KS2 homework help!

Hundreds of pages of child-friendly information on loads of different homework topics.  Informative, colourful, easy to navigate.  A great free resource.

Learn More

The Fairyland Trust

Free online

nature workshops!

A series of easy to follow videos featuring 'make and do's' from the natural world.  A great way to get engaged with nature from  experts in creative education and learning.  Compostable, natural, inspiring !

Learn More