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Living Histo​ry Workshops​​

History workshops for schools Roman workshops for schools Viking workshops for schools Egyptian workshops for schools Stone Age workshops for schools inset day training

We are based in Dymchurch, on the Romney Marsh.  We frequently book 'tours' to include schools that are outside of our area - please ask for more details.

We are operating safely and successfully within DfE Covid-19 guidelines. 

Scroll down to find out more or to get a quote please email [email protected] including the following information (copy & paste):

1) Name and postcode of school/venue

2) Type of workshop that you are interested in

3) Approximate number of children

4) Time of year/school term (if possible, please list 3 dates in order of preference)

5) Are the children in able to be altogether in the same space and share resources, or 

are they in separate bubbles?

6) Will the workshop take place in the hall or in classrooms?

Phone: 07985 165801 - please leave a message during school hours

Key Information about a whole day Living History Workshop:
  • We aim to provide a fully interactive experience, with at least 3 hours of contact time.
  • We can cater for up to 90 children at a time.
  • We bring enough costumes for every child to dress up.
  • Every child makes a souvenir artefact to take home and keep.
  • We bring REAL artefacts for the children to touch and examine - some of them are over 3000 years old...
  • We can adapt our workshops to suit specific topic areas.
  • We always link to local history where possible.
  • Hall space or similar is required for more than one class.
  • A classroom is sufficient for one class, providing it has been cleared in the morning so that we can set up!
  • Please give us your feedback!  We're very proud of what we do and we'd like to be the best - please help us by letting us know what you think.

Covid 19 Statement

  • We aim to be as flexible as possible with regards to how we manage group sizes, cancellations and rescheduling: we are not currently taking deposits and there is no cancellation fee.
  • We have duplicated much of our kit to enable separate 'bubbles' to have separate resources, and all other resources are cleaned between groups. 
  •  A minimum of 72 hours is left between workshops that have any resources that cannot be disinfected.
  • Use of our facepaints and costumes by the children is optional and subject to individual school policy

If the hall is out of use:

Classrooms will be fine, but we'll need the following arrangements please:

  • chairs removed, tables cleared but can be left in situ.
  • children to register elsewhere so the workshop can be set up without interruption from 8.15am.

Please contact us to find out how we are catering for separate bubbles!  Email [email protected]