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Living Histo​ry Workshops​​

The Anglo Saxons

Anglo Saxon workshop for primary school ks1 ks2

The invaders and settlers of the Dark Ages. This one day workshop explores why the Anglo Saxons came to Britain and their struggle with the Vikings or supremacy in Briain. Chronology, archaeology and various historical sources are compared, and we re-create an Anglo Saxon village. We bring costumes for everyone!

Anglo Saxon workshop for primary schools ks1 ks2

Armour demonstration and Battle Drill

Full participation expected!

Raids, invasions and settlements are discussed, with a focus on everyday life and religion.

Anglo Saxon Settlement

Complete with metal workers, grain millers, spinning and weaving, crafts and traditional games. All of the children will make a piece of leather or metal jewellery to take home and keep.

Traditional story-telling

We examinie the importance of oral history with a traditional Dark Age myth.

The 'Mini Museum'

The children become History Detectives as they look at original and reproduction artefacts. This session can be used to promote follow-on projects within the classroom.

The Witan's Choice & The Battle of Hastings

A look at the battle which changed the course of England, and brought about the end of the Saxon era. From Saxons to Normans - in around 30 minutes!

Anglo Saxon workshop for schools armour demonstration

Each workshop goes out with 2 members of staff and can be fitted around the normal school timetable.
We bring costumes for everyone (sorry teachers - that doesn't include you!)
We cater for a maximum of 90 children at a time
We carry Public liability insurance and all of our members hold enhanced CRB checks.
Please contact us for more details, or click here to download copies of our policies and risk assessments etc.