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Living Histo​ry Workshops​​

Ancient Greeks workshop for school Ancient Greeks workshop for schools Ancient Greek workshop for school 

The Ancient Greeks

Ancient Greeks workshop drama and role play for primary schools Greek Theatre

'Fantastic workshop. Kept them all engaged all day. Thank you!'

A Jones, Dulverton Primary School

We bring the Agora of Ancient Athens to life with temples, priests, traders, philosophers, hoplites and sassy young serving girls - noisy & fun! A day of sacrifices, libations, fighting, marching, shouting and generally being Greek. Teachers are asked to please provide 100 live cattle for the opening ceremony and sacrifices. We provide costumes for all (no need to ask parents!)

Ancient Greek workshop for primary school with armour demonstration

Celebrate like an Athenian...

Your trainee Greeks re-enact one of the most important events on the Athenian calendar - the Panathenaic Festival

Carve like a sculptor...

The Parthenon and the Elgin Marbles. The children carve their own miniature piece of the Elgin Marbles - these will become fridge magnets to take home and keep.

Fight like a  Spartan...

Young recruits are whipped into shape with battle drill - the Spartan Way.

Explore like an Archaeologist...

The Ancient Greek empire spread across a vast amount of territory and has left a lasting influence on the Western world. We explore these influences through a hands-on carousel of authentic objects, activities and genuine artefacts.

Compete like a Greek

The Ancient Greeks are famous for their love of competition, and we feature several throughout the day - a chance for those competitive trainees to flex their muscles...

Coming of Age

It was very difficult for young Athenians to advance through society without taking part in the chorus of a play.  We give your trainees a chance to enter manhood [and womanhood] as they take part in the great Festival Dionysia.

Hands on Ancient Greek workshop for schools with drama


The Ancient Greeks workshop is designed to cover the following areas of the curriculum:

*Ancient Civilisations

* Different historical sources and interpretation


*Chronological order

* Speaking and Listening

* Drama and empathy

Each workshop goes out with 2 members of staff and can be fitted around the normal school timetable.
We bring costumes for everyone (sorry teachers - that doesn't include you!)
We cater for a maximum of 90 children at a time

Shorter (2 hour) workshops are available for groups of up to 30 children.

We carry Public liability insurance and all of our members hold enhanced CRB checks.
Please contact us for more details, or click here to download copies of our policies and risk assessments etc.