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Living Histo​ry Workshops​​

The Ancient Egyptians

Ancient Egyptian workshop for schools ks1 ks2

"Brilliant workshop - thank you!  Children who aren't normally engaged thoroughly enjoyed it."

Bring the Ancient Egyptians to life in your classroom with this one day, fully interactive workshop. We provide costumes and make-up for everyone as we take the children back to an era 5000 years ago.  Mummify a friend, try your hand at Egyptian crafts and live life as a Pharoah before travelling back to the future to search for ancient tombs.

Ancient Egyptian workshop for primary school ks1 ks2

Background & Culture

We take a look at life in Egypt about 5000 years ago.  All of the children will be invited to wear costumes and 'Egyptian Eyes'.

The Origin of the Pharoah

Where did the first Pharoahs come from, and how did they become so important?

Egyptian Life

Everyone works together to re-create our own Egyptian settlement. A hands-on carousel of up to 8 authentic activities

Mummification and the Afterlife

The children help to remove internal

organs and mummify their Pharoah.

Please note: no children are harmed

in this exercise!

The Magic of Hierolglyphs

Just why are hieroglyphs so special?

Each child will make a pewter cartouche to take home keep.

Ancient Egyptian workshop for primary school
Ancient Egyptian workshop for primary school ks1 ks2

Valley of the Kings

A fast and furious round of 'Egyptian Tomb Raider' introduces the Valley of the Kings - audience participation an absolute must!

Original Artefacts

Mini Museum - a chance to handle original

artefacts and look at historical sources.

Belly Dancing

Dating back thousands of years, Belly Dancing is still an important part of Egyptian culture. We take you through some of the basic moves - full teacher participation expected!

Ancient Egyptian workshops for primary schools ks1 ks2

Each workshop goes out with 2 members of staff and can be fitted around the normal school timetable.
We bring costumes for everyone (sorry teachers - that doesn't include you!)
We cater for a maximum of 90 children at a time
We carry Public liability insurance and all of our members hold enhanced CRB checks.
Please contact us for more details, or click here to download copies of our policies and risk assessments etc.